Friday, September 9, 2011

Migraines and Diet 6

            Migraine diet for woman
Researchs showed that migraine is more familiar with woman. It has several reasons but main reason is woman’s serotonin and estrogen relations. Migraines and diet was not relative on old days forwoman. But today after big researchs we know that estrogen level is connected to serotonin level on woman. When a woman’s estrogen level falls it means her serotonin level will fall also. Brain awakes on serotonin fall and warn you about it by migraine.
It’s the main reason of migraine on menopause era of women. It’s not possible to treat migraine. Especially with diet. But it’s possible to avoid more migraine crisis. First of all a woman with migraine must eat healhty every time. And it’s also important to equalise tyramine, phenylethylamine and histamine amines. Migraines and Diet. Today migraine is one of the biggest problem of woman. Women must go to doctor for it. They are lots of food that are raising the serotonin level undirectly. Sometimes you may need to eat pasta,candy and breads. It’s also important to drink a glass of milk before sleep. Serotonin is starting its transmission on sleep. And if your serotonin level is high, you may wake up on a big migraine crisis.

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