Monday, September 5, 2011

Migraines and Diet 4

            Migraine and Diet 4
Today, scientists say diet is not a treatment for migraine. But a special diet for migraine is too important. If you are sensitive about migraine trigger foods, preventing from migraine attacks are possible by diets. Most people think migraine and diet have no relation. Also it’s hard to make a migraines and diet 4 because you have to stop eating some regular foods. 
Doctors advise to keep a migraine trigger food diary for sensitive people. It may help you on migraines and diet 4. You may find migraine trigger foods list but it’s different on each person and it may give only a information to you. Sometimes also skipping a meal is migraine trigger. A research showed that people who is eating meals regularly don’t have a big migraine problem. But people who skip the meal especially the breakfast is complaining about migraine crisis everyday. It’s important to make a migraines and diet 4 on sensitive foods. But eating no amines is bad for body. You doctor may prepare a low-amine diet for you and it may save you from migraine and other problems. A study on 39 childen showed that children making no amine diet have some migraine problems and children making low amine diet have little migraine problems.

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