Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Migraines and Diet 5

                   Migraines and Diet 5
There are more researchs today for migraine. It’s believed on early years that only brain development and eye problems are creating migraine. But today we know that some foods , nuasea and vomiting are causing the migraine. Especially some foods include amines are the main reason of migraine. Today scientists take migranies and diet 5 together. They are advising not to eat some foods that are full of enzimes like tyramine, phenylethylamine and histamines. They are triggering serotonin and other hormones on brain. This hormon spread is unscheduled and raising blood vassel. So it’s one of the main reason on migraine.
Today scientists are also working on food that is fighting against migraine. Migraines and diet 5 is now a way of fighting migraine. The foods that are fighting with migraine are grains, fruits and vegetables. On the last reports we saw also spinach. There’s high connection between magnesium and migraine crisis. Spinach is the best way to equalise magnesium on brain. If there’s magnesium shortage, brain will warn you for this by migraine crisis. A migraine patient also have to decrease serotonin level on his body. Eating healthy will also decrease the migraine levels and make you healthier.

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