Sunday, September 4, 2011

Migraines and Diet 3

Migraine and Diet 3
Relation between migraine and diet 3 is a controversial topic between scientists for years. Some scientists believe that there’s no relation between migraine and diet 3. But last reports showed us a migraine diet is one of the best way to stop food related migraines. Foods that are creating worst migraine crisis are chocolate, citrus, cheese and alcohol. These foods are triggering the serotonin hormone on brain. And this timeless and unscheduled  raise in serotonin creates migraine. Also there are food chemicals that are triggering the migraine. They are tyramine, phenylethylamine and histamines.
A migraine diet is for avoiding food chemicals to raise migraine crisis. Tyramine is one the the most powerful migraine starter for people. It can be find in aged or blue cheese, fish, red wine or beer and soy souce. Phenylethylamine is another migraine starter amine and it can be find in cheesecake, chocolate, red wine and yellow cheeses. Histamine is an amine that we are hearing everyday for more. It’s in the banana, pineapple, chocolate, tomato , spinach and strawberry. A migraine diet that is for avoiding this amines is very important to stop the migraine. But this amines are need for people and you must use the very carefully.

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